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In order to diversify the business and expand horizons to the international market, emerges Merand Real Estate offering advisory services in real estate sales and rentals.


Merand Real Estate serves the real estate market of Caracas, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas and Madrid, helping its clients in their financial planning by offering attractive opportunities to acquire properties in cities that offer a good lifestyle and that welcomes foreign investment. We manage a wide portfolio of luxury properties, which have unparalleled locations, views, services and facilities.


Our multidisciplinary team has experience in tax, accounting, law, property management and marketing, which allows us to offer an integral service adapted to the needs of each individual, providing an excellent service that adapts to the needs of each client. At Merand Real Estate, we expect to exceed our clients expectations for long-term relationships.


In order to add value to real estate transactions, and based on the experience acquired and the relationships Merand Real Estate has built over 10 years in the United States with developers and master brokers, The group now offers investment opportunities to customers before they become available to the rest of the market.


An example of this is the portfolio of properties that is currently being promoted in the following areas:


Miami is a major city and financial center that has experienced sustained growth over several years in the real estate sector.


It has become one of the most popular destinations in the United States and the world. It is an excellent option to enjoy a VIP lifestyle with entertainment, business opportunities, tourism and family development.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, is considered a market with growth potential in real estate due to high rental demand and relatively low prices of properties.


Known as the Mecca of entertainment, attracts thousands of tourists every year and is currently developing a football stadium, 2 casinos and a whole new urban complex in downtown.

Orlando - Tampa

Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in America that presents investment options with yields higher than current fixed income market.


It is the most visited city in the country with attractions such as theme parks, golf courses and gastronomical diversity


Madrid is undoubtedly a cosmopolitan, vibrant city and a very attractive for those wishing to live, not only with the elegance of its ancient streets and extraordinary quality of life, but with great investment opportunities offered option.


It has experienced sustained growth in what concerns the property market.

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