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For more than 30 years, Grupo Merand has focused on the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of industrial and chemical explosives with the objective of contributing to the mining, oil and construction sectors, as well as contributing to the development of Venezuela to ensure a better quality Of life for its people.


Through a commercial alliance with Orica, the Australian world leader in the production of industrial explosives, Grupo Merand focuses on the manufacture, marketing and distribution of its products to serve the mining, construction and oil exploration sectors.


With 6 production plants nationwide, the company creates trust in the customer by maintaining long-lasting relationships with strategic partners based on quality, corporate policies, credibility and respect.


Con el fin de agregar valor a las transacciones de bienes raíces, basados en la experiencia adquirida y las relaciones que Merand Real Estate ha desarrollado en más de 10 años en los Estados Unidos con los desarrolladores y master brokers, El grupo ofrece ahora oportunidades de inversión a los clientes antes de que estén disponibles para El resto del mercado.


Un ejemplo de esto es la cartera de propiedades que actualmente se promueve en las siguientes áreas:

Industrial Explosives

Grupo Merand is involved in the manufacture of the following products through a business partnership with Orica, a company based in Australia and world leader in the production of industrial explosives.

Packaged emulsions for mining, quarrying and construction.

Bulk emulsion for coal mining and Iron.

Seismic boosters for mining, construction and oil exploration.

Bulk ANFO for coal and iron mines.

Surfactant solution.

Non-electric detonators initiation systems for quarrying, tunneling, and cement.

High power electric detonators mainly for geophysical survey for oil exploration and production, as well as for tunnels and underground mining.

Orica and Grupo Merand

The Orica – Grupo Merand joint venture has supplied products to major projects in Venezuela

Naval Base La Guaira

Teleférico de Mérida

Hydro-dam Manuel Carlos Piar

Second and third bridges over the Orinoco River

Tuy IV Aqueduct

Ciudad del Acero (“Steel City”)

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