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Engineering and Projects

We are an organization with a background in engineering services and construction project management, based on strategic relationships, which guarantee the quality, viability of the projects and customer satisfaction.


Grupo Merand develops projects for several sectors, it promotes construction, commissioning and maintenance services as well as after-sales support.


The company participated in the design, development, and construction of 3 top-of-the-line textile and footwear manufacturing plants in Aragua, capable of producing over 500 thousand pieces a year.

Residential Construction

In 2015, with the idea of diversifying geographically, Grupo Merand started to develop its residential construction business in Madrid, Spain. So far it has constructed two projects with great results.

Lagasca 19
Carranza 15

The remodeling of the historic site, creating modern residential units at Salamanca, one of the most exclusive communities in downtown Madrid.

The development of 14 units in Malasaña Justicia, a beautiful high-class residential barrio in downtown Madrid.

Jorge Juan 93

Located in the exclusive area of Goya, in the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca, Jorge Juan 93 is your best purchase option in Madrid..

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