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Grupo Merand is the front office of the Fuentes-Angarita family. The company, was founded by Andres Fuentes Martinez as a result of his business experience and his educational background in Mechanical engineering, Oil economics, and Ordinance disposal all of which combined, converged into the development of several Industrial explosives manufacturing sites for the Mining, Construction and Oil exploration sectors in Venezuela.


After graduating from Stanford University, California (BSc, MSc) and completing the ordinance disposal course at the US Navy School in Virginia, USA in the 1970’s he went on and obtained another Masters degree in Oil Economics at the Simon Bolivar University in Caracas

Fuentes Martinez served in the public sector until his debut as an entrepreneur in 1982.


During its early years, Grupo Merand provided technical support, transportation services and distributed recognized commercial Explosives brands such as Austin Powder, Ensign Bickford, Famesa, Tec Harseim, Fertica, Dyno Nobel and Orica among others.


En 1996, Andres Fuentes Angarita, the second generation of the family joined the management team of the group.


We are a corporation of leaders that develop viable business models to offer excellent products and services to our customers, value added to our shareholders and professional growth to our people while we promote the environment and social responsibility.


We see ourselves as an international corporation capable of satisfying the requirements of our clients with leaders committed to the development of successful businesses.

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