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For almost 20 years, Grupo Merand has focused on providing people with opportunities in the areas of education, health, and sports. Fundacion Merand has also developed projects promoting welfare for the elderly in order to contribute to a friendly and more egalitarian society.


The primary mission of Fundacion Merand is to raise funds and develop strategies to address the academic, sports and health care related needs of people around our community.


Contributing is essential to us. We believe strongly in education as a building block for a better society and we seek to offer a better life quality and well-being for our employees, their families, and community members through the programs that we develop.


The Merand Foundation has developed six programs focused on the development of our community with the use of innovative tools, through which we reiterate our commitment to the social development of Venezuelan society, collaborating with social security and the progress of our families and friends .

It focuses on supporting children and young athletes by providing uniforms, equipment, organization and sponsorship of tournaments, and theoretical and practical skills in various sports disciplines. Based on the premise that a society that believes and supports its young athletes will be healthier and progressive

Provides assistance in the areas of medicine and dentistry to people of all ages. We have strategic alliances with institutions such as La Trinidad Teaching Medical Center, Miami Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Ortosonrisa, among others.

It consists of the incorporation of university-aged young people into the labor market through internships in the Grupo Merand business units. Our goal is for them to acquire valuable tools that allow them to enter the professional world with a better perspective

Aimed at promoting projects and general welfare for the elderly, seeking to reward them for all the work they have carried out during their life to develop the country, incorporating them into activities within the company, such as consulting, proofreading, project monitoring, among others.

Support young people with scholarships at all school levels to continue their educational path to success. Always looking for excellence and improvement to build a better Venezuela, which is possible only if we rely on youth.

We have made significant donations to various institutions such as the Venezuelan Otology Foundation, the Samaritans Foundation, the Friends of the Child Foundation with Cancer, and we have participated in Voluntary Humanitarian Conventions held by Volunteer Women at the Domingo Luciani Hospital.

Golf in Venezuela

Seeking to promote the sport in Venezuela, the Merand Foundation collaborates with the Cooperative Association of Professional Chains (RL) and the National Golf School, in order to continue developing this discipline in the country and contribute to the training of athletes young boys.


As part of this initiative, the foundation, together with the foundations of Orellana and Valle Arriba, is involved in the organization of three annual tournaments: “Tee Off for Education”, “Hallacazo” and “Open Tournament of Caddies” Creating opportunities for families to share and enjoy.


These tournaments include school and college scholarship raffles as well as home appliances. During these events, the Cooperative Association of Professional Cadets is also recognized for the work done, awards granted by the Grupo Merand, Club Valle Arriba and partners of the institution.


In addition, the Merand Foundation supports the National Golf School and the Venezuelan Golf Federation (FVG) in its efforts to raise funds both for the maintenance of its headquarters and for the training of athletes, so that Venezuelan golfers can continue attending events And leave the name of our country up.

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